What is a Pit Tootsie ?

Do you have a need for speed and fast cars ?

Do you have an inner cheerleader just waiting to flaunt your stuff ?

Want to go behind the scenes where only the elite few have access ?

If so, you may have what it takes to be a Pit Tootsie. . .

If Football players have their Cheerleaders and Rock Stars have their Groupies. Then why can't Racers have their Pit Tootsies?

Let's face it, men are simple creatures. They don't need much to make them happy. But the one thing men do want is someone that is supportive of their needs. For a lot of men, one of those needs is watching or partaking in some sort of motorsport racing.

Even though your man may not be a racer, you better believe
he wishes he were. Why not surprise him and fulfill one of his
fantasies by dressing up as a Pit Tootsie! Trust me; he will
remember this favor for a long long time...

This lifestyle website was created for you.

To honor the Empowering Women
that drive men to victory. . .

To celebrate the women behind
man's desire to win !





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